Advice for New Gym and Class Members


We are really proud to say that we are “exclusively inclusive” and our aim is to enable everyone to love being fit and healthy.  We want to welcome teenagers and will run family classes too.   We want to encourage people who have never been to a gym or class before, people who are over-weight and we can support people with a variety of health complaints.

"I'll go to that class when I'm a bit fitter and have lost some weight"

NO - go to the class TO get fitter and lose weight!

"Hi, I'm new, so sorry, I'm not going to be very good at this"

If you were already good at it there would be no point in going! 

We go to learn new skills and abilities!

We’d love our members to see their new healthy lifestyles as a hobby to be enjoyed, rather than a commitment to be endured.  We have loads of variety on the timetable and will expand in time with your feedback so there should be something to suit everyone.

The Top 4 Worries for New Gym Users

  1. Don’t know how to do any of the exercises

  2. I’m worried I’ll look silly not knowing where everything is

  3. Everyone else will be really fit

  4. I’m not fit enough to go to the gym


It’s normal to feel out of place in a new environment, even regular gym users can feel out of their depth in a new gym, but you’ll become familiar with the facility really quickly.  Every user must have an induction to show them around, how to work our equipment and to learn the gym etiquette. We also have the option of a “progressive induction programme”.  If you opt for this your first 4 sessions will be 1-1 with an instructor.


We really hope that most people in our club will be fit, because then we will have done our job right! But everyone has to start somewhere and it won’t take long to see big changes in your fitness – and your body.  8 weeks for you to see changes, 12 weeks for close friends to see changes and 16 weeks for everyone else to see changes.


What to Expect at your Gym Induction

  • A friendly face waiting at reception.

  • If you plan to take out a membership, we can take you through the whole process or you can do it online before coming.

  • You’ll be asked to read a Health and Safety notice detailing your and our responsibilities and sign to say you understand. 

  • We’ll have a quick tour of the facility.

  • Discuss your requirements, quick induction, programme or progressive programme.

  • We’ll show you how to operate the equipment in the gym.

  • We can write you a programme if required (or 1st of 4 progressive programmes).

  • Show you how to do all the exercises on your programme card if required.

  • May only take 30 mins, might take an hour.   

  • Wear comfy clothes that leave you free to move and clean trainers so that you can practice the exercises and try the equipment.  It does not need to be the latest, top of the range sports clothes! 

  • It's recommended that you eat 2 hours before coming to allow it time to settle or a light snack 1 hr before.

  • Bring a water bottle and a sweat towel (or face cloth) if appropriate.

  • Bring bank details if you’d like us to help you set up a membership.

  • Ask questions, we’re here to help and support you.


Other popular but non-essential things to bring are a music player/headphones and gym gloves if you want to stay for a workout afterwards.

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