Optimise Book Club

Be Curious - Question - Reason - Take Control

What is "Healthy Eating"? Lost in a sea of conflicting advice, everyone wants a one stop 'golden bullet' of a solution to fit onto our busy lives.


Fact: There is no one solution.


From genetics to ethics, there is no one 'right' answer and we need to take responsibility and find the right solutions for ourselves, our situation, our lifestyles, our beliefs.  Research. Understand. Question.


Our Unique Book Club takes diet advice to the next level by discussing popular books that will challenge our understanding of what a "good" diet means.  


We have a list of books, one a month, to spark a discussion on the big ideas from fat to fasting and meat to menopause. Bring an open mind, let's get debating and work out what is right for you.

These books are not necessarily recommended because the advice in them is, they are designed to make us think and challenge our preconceptions.  We'll announce the next book a month in advance as the order may deviate as a result of our discussions and requests. 

Calories in v's Calories out?

Exercise more?

The Thrifty gene?

Is meat good or bad?

Fasting is the answer?

Controlling cortisol is a must?

Veganism is the answer?

The 5:2 diet?

Low fat diet?

Lectin should be avoided?

High protein diet/Keto?

It's not what, but when you eat?

Gluten free/Food intolerance?

The Mediterranean diet is flawed or fantastic?

Discussing Books

Our Book Club

We will meet on the 1st Thursday of every month from September at 7pm and settle in the café or maybe even on the balcony in the warmer months.  Your host, Angie, is a fitness class instructor, personal trainer and nutritional advisor with a background in scientific research and desire to question, understand and improve!  

September 1st 2022

October 6th 2022

November 3rd 2022

December 1st 2022

January 5th 2022

February 2nd 2022

The Books


Chocolate Busters

Jason Vale


The Diet Myth

Dr. Tim Spector


The Big Fat Surprise

Nina Teicholz


Why We Get Sick

Benjamin Bikman


The Obesity Code

Dr. Jason Fung


The Perimenopause Solution

Dr. Shazahdi Harper