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Ideal for everyone, Les Mills BODYBALANCE is a modern take on yoga with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, set to music. Scientifically designed for a fitness club environment, it will improve your mind, your body and your life.

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


A fantastic, non body-contact,  workout using boxing techniques combined with body weight exercises for the ultimate strengthening cardio blast.  High heart rates and big results!
Freestyle in design this class will change week on week but will always have the same basic warm up to introduce new members to the moves. 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


Dru Yoga is a beautiful, gentle and flowing form.  Angie will lead this class and, together with her knowledge of how to exercise well with chronic health conditions, the class aims to work on keeping mobile, flexible, coordinated and feeling physically free!

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent

Dru Yoga: Mobility

Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body based approach that helps people to manage their thoughts and feelings and mental health. It is becoming widely used in a range of contexts. ... Mindfulness exercises are ways of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation, breathing, and yoga.

Age 5yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


Parents get lost - this class is for 14-18yr olds only!  High energy, indoor cycling to the latest music.  Utterly addictive!


RPM™ is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun and low impact.

With great music pumping and the group spinning as one


A classic - what's not to love? 
Until we assess demand and storage,  it will be bring you own skates (BYOS)..or heelies! 
We've got teen/adult classes scheduled at the same time too so no hanging around and waiting. 


Being active is great for kids health and well-being but sometimes it's good to slow down and snuggle up.  So every Friday we will play a wee snuggle movie for carers and kids to cosy in for. Finishing just in time for school pick up. 

Snuggle movie

Instructors will coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own! You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more. This class can accommodate every level of participant since you choose which weights to use. Age 16yrs+


Cafe conversation is a nationwide run scheme where members of the community are encouraged to socialise and chat over a cuppa.  
Loneliness is at an all time high and our awareness of mental issues means we know how important it is to have someone to chat to and feel included. 

We'll have cards printed with conversation starters to get rid of any awkward silences and we hope to develop a lovely wee group. 

Cafe Conversation

We're created this class to allow families to spend time together in a fun setting where the fitness experience can be shared.  We hope it will also help increase the confidence of kids who are not ready for going it alone yet and bridge that gap until they are ready to fly!  You can attend from age 12yrs and must bring a responsible adult with you - parent, cousin, sibling, neighbor... 

Family Circuits

We're delighted to be working with local shop owner, Ruth from Minerva Blue in Newburgh, to bring her kids craft sessions to our facility.  We love hands-on activities for kids to keep little minds occupied and relaxed. 

Story Craft

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


RPM™ is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun and low impact.

With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. 

 You control your resistance levels and speed and build up your fitness level over time. It’s a journey, not a race!

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent



Originally developed for self-defense, tai chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent

Tai Chi

These fantastic, age appropriate classes are about the joy of movement. No levels, certificate or winners, just fun. 
Younger classes focus on imagination based dance and movement, older class bring in elements of dance, BodyCombat
, circuits and games to the current music that is their world!

Ages: 2-3 (parent present), 4-5, 6-7, 8-12 & 13-16. 


Born to Move

Designed for those who are not able to stand for prolonged periods of time or who struggle with their balance but still want to keep active and, very importantly flexible.  
We'll work to build on balance and strength that is lacking whilst building strength in the upper body too.  Let's age well! 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent

Chair Based Circuits

High Intensity Interval Training - this is not for the faint-hearted.  30mins of max effort, body weight exercises to give max fat burn. 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


PGL? Parents get lost! For 14-18yr olds using pads and light weights sparing boxing gloves.  Contact only with the pads and plenty of body weight exercises for this strengthening cardio-blast. 


Attending a full BodyPump class can seen intimidating, so we've scheduled this class where we will take you through all the techniques needed to make sure you will get a safe and effective workout. 

If you need any alternative moves, we can help you with that too.   

Age 16yrs+

Progress to PUMP

SH'BAM is a fun-loving, insanely addictive workout – no dance experience required. All you need is a playful attitude and a cheeky smile. 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental well-being. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility), sequences and breathing.
Time to dedicate to you. 

Age 12yrs+ with adult

Age 14+ independent


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