Our Environmental Policy

It is our pleasure, privilege and responsibility to run our facility with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.  So, as well as happily complying with all legislation, we are also trying to exceed it wherever possible.  Some of the ways we're doing this include:

  • Using a wholesaler who specialises in Fairtrade, organic and responsibly sourced stock.

  • Our coffees are Fairtrade and organic.

  • Our take away cups and lids are bio-degradable and we only use paper straws.

  • We use environmentally friendly products in our soap dispensers which are free from harsh SLS's (sodium lauryl sulphates) and parabens so are good for you too.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • Our low speed hand dryers are not only friendly to kids with sensory issues but to the environment too.

  • Our electricity is generated here, onsite using the wind turbine. 

  • We sell re-usable water bottles for the kids to reduce our use of plastic.

  • We give discounts to customers using re-usable hot drink holders. 

  • None of our gym equipment is electrically powered!

  • Our staff uniforms are made from 100% cotton - no nasties to go into the oceans. 

  • Our membership cards are biodegradable.

  • We sell biodegradable nappies at reception.

  • We use crockery and cutlery rather than plastic disposable items. 

The Treehouse and Optimise Health and Fitness

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