Timetables, Prices and Bookings

How to Join Our Gym


Don't worry if you're not tech savy, you can pop down to club and we can get you sorted here. 

Class and Membership Prices

Pay As You Go Gym and Class

Adult: £5.50

Concession: £5.00

Teen: £4.50

Kids: £4.00

Personal Training* 1x60mins: £40

Personal Training* 10x60mins: £360

*please purchase in club or over the phone so we can manually book your session. 

Gym and Class Memberships


Monthly Rolling Direct Debit (cancel anytime)


Adult (18yrs+) Monthly Fitness Membership: £45.00 

Concession Monthly Fitness Membership: £39.50

Teens (12-17yrs) Monthly Fitness Membership: £25.00 

Kids (2-11yrs) Monthly Fitness Membership £15.00

10x Passes (valid 180 days)


Adult (18yrs+): £49.50 

Concession: £45.00

Teens (12-17yrs): £40.50 

Kids (2-11yrs): £36.00

Annual Payment (one month free!!)


Adult Annual Fitness Membership: £495

Concession Annual Fitness Membership: £434.50

Teens Annual Fitness Membership: £275.00 

Kids Annual Fitness Membership £137.50

Concession: Full time student, maternity allowance, job seekers allowance, disability allowance, age 65+.  Proof must be presented upon first visit. 

Our Current Timetable

We're super-proud of our timetable and a lot of thought has gone into it trying to accommodate as many people and circumstances as possible.   But, how can we manage to schedule so much? 

The answer is with the use of Les Mills Virtual Classes.  These classes are lead by an instructor on screen which has lots of advantages.  Firstly, we can vary the workouts by selecting from lots of available classes which is great for your body and stops clients getting bored.  Secondly, we can schedule lots of classes without burning out our instructors and we won't be affected by staff illness or holidays.  Lastly, we can also run the classes "on demand" and start a class running at your request even if it is not timetabled!

However, we do know that instructor-led classes are ultimately the best so, as we establish where the popular classes are, we will swap these out for live instructor classes and I for one can not wait to be teaching them! 


Class Bookings

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