At Optimise Health and Fitness we are all about finding ways around obstacles.  Physical, logistical, emotional, psychological.  We want to enable you to take control of your health and fitness.

We’ve created a fitness facility in an area that had none, added child care and a timetable full of classes for all. But despite all that, coming to a facility is not for everyone.  So we now launch the iMatter workouts. 

These are designed to be carried out at home, or away if you travel. They are completely unique and utilise the materials that you have. We can design a workout from anything to nothing. If requested, we can come out and demonstrate the exercises and make sure you are using the correct technique.  

You can purchase one programme, a progressive selection or a years subscription with 12 workouts to keep things fresh. 

You've got more equipment than you think!

An exercise bike, weights, yoga mat, some kettle bells and some boxing kit?  Great - but not needed!  Do you have stairs?  A garden picnic bench, some planks of wood lying around?  An old tyre, flower pots, broom, sticks, bucket, chair, skateboard,  football, ladder?  We can use literally anything or nothing to create a workout for you that can be done indoors, outdoors, in a hotel when away on business or on holiday.  All designed around your ability and your goals. 

How does it work?

Simply get in touch and we will establish what it is that you are looking for.  Then, leave it with us! Your personal at home/on the road/at the park workout will drop into your inbox complete with exercise descriptions and technique and safety points. 

When you're ready for another workout, drop us an email with your requests/comments and preferences and we'll get beavering away on the next one. 
Available to purchase online, via our app or in Club.  

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