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We're so keen to get started again but we're doing so with close reference to the Scottish Government guidelines and we believe that we have a safe and fair plan.


In phase 1, for those of you who are keen to keep moving, we have online classes via Zoom that can be booked here on the website (you'll be prompted to create an account if you don't have one) or via the ClubRight app if you already have this.  If you're not keen on online workouts we can now create an @Home program for you.  Once purchased a form will be available to download which you can fill in and email back.  Then a bespoke programme will be written for you do to at home, in the park or in the garden based on your needs, abilities, likes and available equipment (if any).  

In phase 2 we can start with outdoor activities including P.T. for 1:1 or small groups.  We can carry out these sessions at your local park or at Jamesfield.  Please email info@treehouseandgym.co.uk to arrange a session.  You will be able to pay via the app to maintain social distancing. 

In phase 3 we can add in indoor activities and virtual classes will start running again and the gym will open to 4 people only at a time. The pictures below will hopefully give you confidence that we're got a great set up. 

Also, remember that private sessions of any class can be arranged outwith the timetabled classes - just call to arrange. 

BODYBALANCE: 6 members

BODYCOMBAT: 5 members

BODY PUMP: 5 members

SH'BAM: 5 members

RPM: 8 members

In phase 4 we can start to relax these class numbers and tentatively open the indoor play for kids but with only 10 kids per session which must be pre-booked via our website. 

Phase 1

Online and @Home

@Home Workouts


@Home Nutrition
and weight loss plan


Online Zoom Workouts


Phase 2








Phase 3


The Treehouse and Optimise Health and Fitness

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