Parties at The Treehouse

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What do you offer?

Exclusive hire for 12-16 children (up to age 7) and up to 30 adults. 

We honestly find our play area is too small for a large group of older children and recommend only 12 or so 6/7yr olds as a guide.  We are however fully insured up to age 10 for siblings and relatives to be able to enjoy playing too.

When are your sessions?

Mon-Fri: 0900-1800

Sat        : 0900-1700

Sun       : 1000-1600

What are your prices and catering options?

2hr Hire: £85 if catering is ordered

2hr Hire: £120 if no catering is ordered

3hr Hire: £120 if catering is ordered

3hr Hire: £160 if no catering is ordered

Catering (see below) is £5 per child with a minimum order of 12, maximum 16 and we can offer either a buffer or a snack pack in the mornings and snack packs in the afternoon. Sandwich trays can be served at any time. 

Additional options of:

Sandwiches trays at £12 per tray of 6.
Drink cartons for buffet £1pp

Can we bring our own cake and decorations? 

You are very welcome to bring your own cake, party bags and decorations. All decorations must be removed, including balloons.   NO cake smashes are permitted.  Please do not stick decorations to any painted walls. 

Can we bring a face painter? 

Yes, however please make sure paint is completely dry before playing in the main play area again. 

Do you have a bouncy castle? 

Unfortunately, at the moment, our insurance prohibits this.

Do you have a table tennis table? 

Yes. This will need to be cleared away 15 mins before the end of the session

Can we arrange art and crafts? 

Yes. This will need to be cleared away 15 mins before the end of the session

Can we arrive early to set up?

Yes, ​you can arrive 15-mins early to set up.  Please note that a regular play session may be underway until the start time of your event.  If you need longer than this we suggest booking the 3-hr session.  Regular play will also recommence after your event so we do need you to adhere to your session times. 

When is the balance due?

The booking will take a £50 deposit which leaves a variable balance that can be cleared on the day of your event. 

Can you tell me what the total cost will be?

The best way to calculate this is to use our booking page for Catering and Extras so that you can mix and match all the items you'd like to order.  You don't need to book it until a week before your event but it's a handy calculator as well :) 


How many adults can attend?

We are able to safely accommodate up to 30 adults. Please let us know if you plan to host more than 20 adults so that we can arrange extra staffing.  If you opt to use the table tennis table (see party booking options on the booking page) this will reduce to 22. 

Can siblings attend?

Yes they are welcome to use the cafe as the attending adults but will not be able to use the play area unless there are less than 16 kids attending the party and they are 10yrs or under. As with our regular T&C's, food from home/other businesses can not be consumed here.  We do not sell main meals. 

Can a photographer attend?

Yes however we do strongly advise that you seek permission from every child/guardian in attendance. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Your session can be cancelled and refunded in full with a full weeks notice. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 3 days before with no penalty.

CATERING CANCELLATIONS: 1 week before, 50% of buffet/sandwich charges must be paid for. Less than 3 full days notice and buffet/sandwich catering must be paid in full.  

How do I book?

Exclusive hire is available to booking via our booking page and your catering can now be ordered online too.  This can be done as a separate booking so that you have time to confirm numbers and you don't need to order catering until a week before. 

You can drop us an email, call or pop in to discuss the details any time but please do read ALL the information on the booking form.  There are downloadable attachments including a form to send to all attendees with the general play T&C's. 

email: or call 01738 851 111 for more information 



Morning sessions only

Carrots, pepper & cucumber sticks, humous, cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, apples & cheese, eggs, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, breaksticks. 

Savoury Platters.png


Any sessions

Why not add on Sandwiches?

Includes a drink carton, packet of Organix crisps, raisin box, piece of fruit, mini loaf cake and something sweet such as alphabet biscuits or Bear paws or Oaty bar.  Items can be swapped to suit tastes. 

Delicious Sandwich


Any session.
Great extra for adults!

Various options available to suit tastes and dietary requirements. 

Works really well to supplement the snack packs in the afternoons for for adults in the party.



Any session

Juice cartons - organix crisps - raisin box - oaty bars - alphabet biscuits - Bear paws - cupcakes or muffins - cone of sweeties - cone of popcorn - mini moo DF chocolate...